Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HP Quality Center (ALM 11.0) and REST

We are currently using Quality Center 9.2 and one of my goals for this year is to upgrade it to the latest version. While browsing through the What’s New documentation for version 11.0 (seems like it has been rebranded to Application Lifecycle Management, or ALM), I saw this line:

There are now ALM REST resources available. For details, see the HP ALM REST API Reference.

That to me is something that stood out from all the other features. Of course, from 9.2 there have been other great features added as well, like version control and flows in version 10 and Sprinter and others in 11. But being able to write clients using the REST API is a great feature and something that I definitely will be exploring once we have this version installed. I went through their REST API reference and as expected, it exposes all the entities in a RESTful way that would make it easier to write the clients in Java or any other language.

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