Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coming up...

A few weeks ago, I spent some time going over JMeter and building some advanced web test plans. But then I got distracted and buried under some intense projects, including a 1-week training on a product that I didn't know much about and that I have to be an advanced user of within a few weeks. (BTW...if you want to know why attending a 1-week advanced training on a product without having a solid background is a bad idea, let me know).

Now I have some time again but it's right before my vacation and I just don't feel like getting immersed into it again. But when I come back, I plan on posting some of my notes on how to build an advanced web test plan in JMeter. I plan on using a more advanced scenario than the one with basic Get requests, probably something similar to my previous post about using an MD5 library to create a LoadRunner script. If I can't find something else, I'll use that very example. I also plan on exploring some webservices and pure XML over HTTP kind of scripts. Stay tuned...

Oh... and I should also mention my reasons for looking into JMeter. It has been increasingly frustrating to borrow time on LoadRunner Controller from an external team, partially because of having to justify to the project team the additional charge back incurred to the project. I can't believe how many emails I have to write to justify a few 100 dollars. But anyway, turning misery into a learning experience, I wanted to explore if JMeter provides enough capabilities and is robust enough to be used for production performance testing.

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