Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye multiple putty windows!

If you use PuTTY for your remote telnet or SSH needs, chances are you have had a situation where you had to open and manage PuTTY windows. I used to do that and it was sometimes confusing. But recently, just out of luck (my laptop had crashed and I was looking for ways to export/import PuTTY connection profiles), I found this: PuTTY Connection Manager. Its a tabbed version of PuTTY client and provides a solution for managing multiple PuTTY instances. I’ve tried and it works great!

Since I’m endorsing some good tools that I use everyday, here’s others:

- Agent Ransack: A file searching utility for Windows, it has great features for searching by regular expression, within files etc. I haven’t used Windows built-in Search since I found this.

- SketchPath: is an XPath tool that you can use to view XMLs and run XPath queries.

- Sysinternals: a collection of utilities to perform various troubleshooting tasks in Windows. It provides a lot of helpful utilities like Process Explorer (an advanced version of Task Manager), tcpview (shows all open connections with their processes) etc.

- WinMD5: an MD5 utility for Windows.

That’s it for now. I’ll update this post if I can remember more tools to recommend.


  1. the link to PuTTY Connection Manager does not work.

  2. @Anonymous
    seems like it doesn't exist anymore, but try this: